Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Welp, it's only wednesday and finals are officially in full swing (for most of us... natalie). I think I can officially say that this finals week is by far the worst of any semester here at Clemson.  I wanted to do a post on some first hand survival tips for exam week, but until now I've barely had time to eat and bathe! ... Just kidding, well about the eating part. Anyways, that leads me directly into  my first tip:

  1. get a hat! I don't know about everyone else but it takes me at least an hour to get ready in the morning, and since I was not blessed with beautiful thick hair that I can wear naturally curled, I either have to shower and fix it, or I don't.  Well, to put it simply this week i've made a constant effort to choose the latter, and put on the cap. That one hour it would take to shower and get ready was put to good use: studying studying and studying.  And baseball caps are cute, when they're not an every-day thing
  2. If you don't want to wear a hat, at least invest in some dry shampoo. If your hairs not super greasy on a regular basis, you could totally get away with some a little dry shampoo and voila, your hair looks new and refreshed. Hop out of bed, touch up your makeup, and off you go.
  3. Ok, I promise all of my tips don't involve the absence of showering, my next one is 5 Hour energy. Now I don't condone drinking 5 in one night, but if you have to stay up late, they really work! 
  4. Pack some snacks, better yet, make them healthy snacks. I easily give into the Cookout temptation when studying at the library, that place is a hot spot for late night munchies!  So I've started bringing snacks with me for those long nights at the lib.  Things I like: grapes, tangerines, fruit snacks, and mixed nuts. Not only does it help to eat, but it also gives you something to do for those nights your reading 800 pages.
  5. I don't know for sure that this is true (if it's false, I don't want to know!), I read recently that dark chocolate can actually reduce stress. So on your way to the library grab a  chocolate bar!  And of course this is true in moderation.  Need another reason to eat more chocolate?  I also read that chocolate can increase blood flow to your brain. Basically, I will add dark chocolate to my study snack list immediately, no problem-o.  
  6. LAYERS. Wear layers if you plan on spending a long amount of time in the library.  Throughout the night you'll get hot, you'll get cold, coffee will make you hot again, then you'll get cold again... on and on, its a vicious cycle. So one thing I learned is to layer up for those all-nighters.
  7. It's just a test. Don't get me wrong, if anyone needs this advice most it's probably me. But I try to keep in mind that it is just a test, and that as long as I work as hard as I can, i've done my best!  It's important to remember that grades are just grades, tests are just tests, and you only experience college once.  Unless it is literally the difference between keeping your $5,000 scholarship or not, it probably isn't the end of the world.  

And last of all, I think Ryann may have put it best when she said, "study study study let's all get A-sted"

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  1. omg I love you. so honored :) I know you rocked exams! love you and I better see you soon!