a little bit about me

In this blog you'll find the random ramblings of a twenty something southern college girl pursuing her life with the help of lovely friends, family, and Jesus.

Why start a blog?  I honestly never saw myself as a "blogger" however in November of last year I made the decision to allow {the public} to view my very {private} thoughts and reflections through this blog.  If you want to know more about where I was during that time, read here!

Things I {absolutely love} happy endings, red wine, art, dogs, Jesus, community, hiking, romantic comedies

What's with the name? {Learning to be the Light} 
That is the title of a song by NEWWORLDSON that I heard on an average morning riding in my car to the gym.  It was then that it hit me, we are the light of the Lord, and should we choose to live that way, we can lead so many people to Christ.  Want to know more about why I chose that song, read here!

What's with the theme? {Tribal}
Well, nothing really. It may or may not have zero significance, ok, it has zero significance. But I like it, read here-- i'm obsessed.

Feel free to take a seat, relax, and explore what makes me, me.

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