Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brrr, It's cold outside.

                                BRRR. Can someone tell me when winter hit with full force? It got cold fast! Last week it was thanksgiving and I was wearing t-shirt and jeans... without a jacket. This morning, i'm starting my car 15 minutes before I leave for class so it isn't completely frozen solid. Just so we're clear, i'm a cold wimp.  If it is below 50 degrees i'm shivering.  So, in the spirit of this frosty season, this fashion forward post is all about those cozy sweaters we're all 
 dying to have!

in order to stay warm during this harsh winter (haha, can you tell i'm from south carolina?) keep Starbucks in mind... not the iced coffee though. also, remember layers, boots, fuzzy socks, long sleeves and sweaters

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