Friday, September 7, 2012

Jewelry, on a dime.

I've really wanted some new jewelry lately, and I don't mean just accent pieces that work with one or two outfits (although I am pretty excited about that bubble necklace).  I wanted to get some pieces that I could wear to class when I'm dressed down or out on the town when I'm all dressed up. However, when operating on a budget, this isn't always an easy feat.

And so that's where Amazon came flying in, cape and all, to save the day.

1. Silver Cross ring with cable band.  Small and subtle, but an adorable ring that not only acts as a great accessory, but also a wonderful and humbling reminder.
2. Designer inspired thin cable bracelet with champagne colored stones.  Well, we're on a budget, right?
3. Geneva Platinum two tone women's watch.  Gotta love gold and silver, eases the decision making process on the rest of the jewelry.
4. My favorite, the Geneva rose gold women's "boyfriend" watch.  Such a beautiful color!

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