Friday, July 6, 2012

Where I've been lately

So I apologize for my absence this past week/weekend, it's been a crazy one at that!  On Saturday and Sunday Alex and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Charleston for a friends wedding, it was beautiful!  It's safe to say that we absolutely fell in love with Charleston and we've agreed to retire there, no big deal.

The wedding via instagram,
Isn't her dress absolutely stunning? I also stole a few from Emily's camera via facebook,

All of the old small group girls back together in one place! It was so nice to see everyone dancing, chatting, and just enjoying the awesome evening.

I'm also stoked to say I FINALLY got to register for The Color Run! My friend Abbie and I will be running the happiest 5k in Charlotte and I'm so excited!
On a not-so-happy note, at the end of this month I'll be taking the PLT as part of the Praxis II and I'm not too excited about that... at all. So, keep me in your prayers!

Hope all is well and that everyone is having a great summer!

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