Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Lately I've noticed I'm in need of a little inspiration.  

I love blogging, but eventually I run out of ideas to blog about.  So I figured I'd enlist your help.  

What would you guys want to hear about?  Life, food, fitness, faith, any other ideas?

Also, Linking up... what is this all about? I've seen some like: Tuesday Tunesday, What I'm loving Wednesday, etc.  Someone explain this to me, how it works? How you get involved?

Until my next pointless but hopefully entertaining (even in the slightest) post, see ya!


  1. Hey Sasha! Thanks for the follow. Love your blog! (I'm totally obsessed with the tribal print also) and when you find some inspiration, send a little my way, I am definitley lagging in that department!

  2. Hey!! I'm just mildly obsessed with tribal... ok, really obsessed! And I'll certainly send some inspiration your way and vice versa! :)