Friday, June 1, 2012

Take a hike

Memorial day: a day around here that typically consists of grilling out, laying out, or being on the lake.  

However, we spent this Memorial day a little different.  We decided to take the puppies hiking, the only question was, where?

We visited the state park website, which was just what we needed and looked at all of the surrounding areas in an effort to pick our destination for the day.  And so we did, Caesar's Head.  Once we got there we asked for a hiking trail that wasn't too long because it was already pretty late in the day but we wanted one with a good view.  She recommended a trail that was only 4.4 miles and peaked at a beautiful waterfall.

After about an hour of hiking we reached the peak, and realized that this was our waterfall:
And that was zoomed in as far as it would go.
Not exactly what we were looking for but hey, it was still beautiful!  Although the view was a bust, the trip was super fun.  Bella and Bowman had a great time and behaved so well on the hike, they spent most of the time off leash (which technically you're not supposed to do... oops!)

Know any other good hiking places? Let me know!

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