Friday, June 15, 2012

Girl talk on: being grown up

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I work at a country club on Lake Keowee as a waitress, and today a gentleman was talking {quite loudly} about his wonderful trip to New York, the hotel, bars, the restaurants, and the frivolous spending.
He was talking about The Waldorf where he stayed in the city, which also had me thinking is it just me or did you miss the fact that the Waldorf's on GossipGirl actually do own a luxury hotel in New York? I mean... not them, but they're a real family.  Anyways, it had me thinking about my future.

Teaching, a profession that needs to be rich in passion.

Passion, doesn't always pay.

Will I be able to take trips like these?  What will I be able to do.

Am I just freaking out because I'm about to be a senior in college, out in the real world in one year? Not to mention the only responses I get when I mention I'll be a teacher is "wow you must be crazy to want to work with kids every single day", or "well, you'll be paying your student loans off for the next ten years". 

And you know what? They're right. 

It does not pay well.  Is it childish for me to feel overwhelmed by loans I haven't even started paying? And what if I spend one day in the classroom and realize that I hate it. This is one of those times that I just panic thinking about the future, and yet, I shouldn't.  

It's then that I start to wonder if it's the devil placing this turmoil for worry in my mind, and this selfish thinking.  I should instead trust that the Lord has placed me on this path for a reason.  That the passion for teaching was placed on my heart for a reason.

I shouldn't look at this guy in envy, but instead look past him in excitement for what my future will bring.  It's just not always easy saying "shh" to the negative thoughts that go on in our heads, you know?

What about you? Life worrying you lately?

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  1. I am on the same page... even wanting a career in the business world, I get people telling me all the time driven, hard-working people they know who are out of jobs.

    This summer was my first test of trust when I didn't find an internship until exam week when I had started interviewing in January. I was freaking out, but once I gave it up to God things all fell into place and I am right where I belong for the next few months.

    My current favorite verse you might enjoy as well:
    "She laughs with no fear of the future, for her hope is in Me" [proverbs 31:25] :)