Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's play catch up

So many exciting things have been happening lately, and I've yet to fill you in!

Where to start.... Ok, first things first, I observed at Kidspring on Sunday in Jumpstreet (2nd and 3rd graders) and absolutely loved it!  It was a tad intimidating at first because we began the morning with play time.

In order to set this picture up for you, let me tell you it did not go like this:
Image found here, Thanks Google.
After the initial shock of playtime we arranged the kids in small groups assigned by their color on their name tag.  Now that is more my style.  It was a low key and organized way to deliver a very important message to the kids.

It's so admirable to watch their excitement and enthusiasm, and I'm almost envious of their polarization. What's wrong is always wrong, and what's right is always right.  Black and white with little to no gray; if it were only that easy!

I then got to visit Alex in Atlanta! One week without him and it had been really tough.  Although I've learned even in this little time that our separation will be good for us.  It will give us time to miss and appreciate each other a little more... oh, and he's coming to Greenville this weekend (so technically we still haven't experienced "long distance" dating yet).

But, he's coming to visit my dad because on Wednesday he had a very invasive surgery on his back! I believe it was called a spinal infusion, and it was very scary.  However, no worries because he is doing absolutely fantastic, praise the Lord!  They expected him to be home on Saturday, and Todd being the strong man that he is made it home Thursday afternoon.

Yes, that is a pink hair net.
One last thing to spring on you, I got the FCA Small group leader position! 

I couldn't be more pumped, I just couldn't!  It was so affirming to receive this news because I've felt a calling to really dive into community with others and share my passion for the Lord and I'm so excited to see what He plans to do through me!

I'll try to refrain from being so slack on blogging now that school is out, no promises of course.

What have you been up to this summer?

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