Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running shoes:

I feel like i'm doing this a lot; however being a running newbie i've begun to notice that i'm in desperate need of some advice.  Running shoes:

Running shoes

Running shoes by sashastoudenmire featuring platform running shoes

Any preference? My biggest dilemma i'm having right now is how cute Nikes are.  I've heard that if I want to buy a good pair of running shoes I should go ASICS, but let's be real... there just not as adorable as Nikes. Comfort over beauty? Probably not the best idea in this case.  Anyone have particular luck with an adorable pair of Nikes? Let me know.

As sad as it is I've been wearing down the same running shoes for a while, and it's starting to take a tole on my body.  So I'm having to somewhat trick myself into getting a new pair of shoes.  This sunday... THIS sunday I'll be participating in the Greenville Mud Run (which I mentioned here), so I figure what better way to take those tennis shoes out with a bang while also forcing myself to buy some new shoes.

My next phase of logic is that I would just procrastinate buying new shoes, HA! Tricked myself again, I can't because being the unknowingly genius, genius that I am, I also agreed to do a "Paint run" here in  Clemson to help local high school students in the Tri-County area go to a Young Life camp!  If you live in the Clemson/Anderson area, or anywhere neighboring and want a fun 5k to run, sign up!

On the topic of runs/ athleticism I should also recommend Body Pump.  Body Pump is class I take at fike that starts at 6 in the morning.  Ok, I realize 6 sounds early... and, well it is early. But it's a wonderful start to the day, and they pretty much whip your butt into shape!  Fike is not the only place that offers Body Pump, actually if you look at your local gym/ fitness center, I bet it's offered! Take it!

P.s. Off the topic of working out, and onto books.  Finished 19 minutes, it was awesome! So unexpected... and officially started the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy. Madness, absolute madness! And yet, I can't rip my eyes away from it for longer than an hour at a time.


  1. My favorite tennis shoes are Brooks. They are a little pricey, but the quality and the difference they make are worth every penny!

  2. Sweet! I've never heard of Brooks, I need to check them out!

  3. I currently use Reebok ones, they're cute, but I kinda wish I got the Asics ! Better support for your feet.

  4. This is such a beautiful blog and it really inspires me!:) Would you like to follow each other?

  5. They're not the most serious running shoes, but I LOVE my Nike running shoes. Mostly because if you buy them, you can get Nike+ and keep track of your workout distance, pace and time on your iPod. I've had my Nikes for about 2 years and I've run two 10k's and a half marathon in them and they're still going strong!
    Hope that's at least a bit helpful?

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  6. I'm in the market as well! I think the best brand depends on the way your foot is! I have a pair of New Balances that i love, but as I start running more consistently I'm gettin gsome painful shin splints :/

    My friend suggested I go get fitted for a pair of running shoes at Fleet Feet or Run In in Greenville! They evaluate the shape of your foot and arch and where the pressure hits, etc., and give you options for the best shoe for you!

    I'm a little concerned because I imagine any pairs will be a bit expensive, but it's definitely a good investment for long-term comfort and better performance! WE could go together! Miss you, friend! :)

  7. Laura, Yes!! and guys I went with some ASICS I found online #5, just for now because they're on sell, but Ryann I definitely think I'm going to run-in when I can make my way to Greenville!! Let me know when you go and we can go together!