Sunday, April 22, 2012

Clemson's Stadium, #1-- paint run!

This is so awesome I just had to share it.  One of the things that first attracted me to Clemson University (besides the beautiful campus, wonderful people, and great academics) was the in your face "I LOVE MY SCHOOL" spirit.  

I love game days because seeing over 80,000 people come together to celebrate a great game and to cheer on one team, is such an awesome experience.  I've always felt that Clemson was superior when it came to crowd noise, and school spirit.  Well, it turns out the Bleacher Report agrees! Check this out:

Power Ranking All 124 College Football Stadiums

Know nationwide as "Death Valley", this venue is the best place in the country to enjoy a college football game. It seats 80,301 and was built in 1942.  The stadium will be filled with orange as the crowed loves to support their Tigers. There are not many fans in the country that are more passionate about their team than this group. When Clemson is playing well and the game is going good, the noise in here is as loud as it gets in college football.
All rights reserved, Bleacher report: found here!
Also, today we ran the Tri-county Young Life paint run, the first 5k as a fundraiser for kids going to camp in our area, ever!  If you're not familiar with Young Life, you should check out their vision and mission, here! Basically, Young Life is made all about and all for the younger generation.  Providing young kids the tools they need to really grow in their faith, meanwhile nurturing this faith and really showing the kids a relationship with Christ.  

The Paint run was my first (running only, no obstacles this time) 5k, and it was a blast! I'm becoming so proud of my new love for running, and I'm officially setting my eyes on the next 10k near me!

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