Monday, February 13, 2012

I did it!

First off, notice something different?  Although I tried to make an adorable blog template all on my own, it just wasn't user friendly.  So, I went here which I found on Ryann's blog, and bought a cute little template that was a little easier to navigate, and looks very simple and clean.

Also, big BIG news: I just wanted to share the fact that I finally did it, I got Baptized! That is undoubtedly VERY awesome, but I have even better news to share, my best friend/ boyfriend also got baptized with me.  If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have assured you that I was going to hit that water either alone, or with a stranger; however, I couldn't have asked for someone better to experience that with.  A friend of mine actually got it on video (which I didn't even think to ask her to do), but I am so glad that she did!  So, even if you didn't get to experience it with me, you can still experience it here! I'm so so excited to see what the Lord has planned for both of us, and we'll both be completing the ownership class at Newspring on the 26, and then I intend to find some time to volunteer!  I'm really excited as well as enthusiastic about a chance to volunteer, and I would love the chance to volunteer at Kidspring!

On a completely other note, there is also some super interesting news about Alex that I'm excited to share.  Alex had CO-OP interviews all last week, and although he was a nervous wreck, I was fairly certain that he'd be absolutely fine.  And what do you know? I was right.  He made a list of his top five, and bright and early Monday morning his #1 and #1.1 (that's how close they were to each other) called within 15 minutes of each other.  The scary part of this is that he has to make a decision.... tonight. Now obviously he held one particular co-op above another, but the catch is one is in ATLANTA (two hours away), and one is in CHICAGO (feels like two-hundred-billion hours away).  So you're thinking, easy decision, ATL so you can stay close to your beautiful and brilliant girlfriend... welp, Chicago is offering a signing bonus as well as a little more an hour.  YIKES. Pray for him in guidance to make this decision, asap.  But honestly, I'm so proud of him I'd be happy with either one.




  1. Well, that was fast... He picked HOT-LANTA!

  2. YAY for everything- new blog design, new life in Christ, and new job opportunties! So excited for you!