Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lemon pepper chicken salad

So in the spirit of my New Years resolution to get fit (read about here!) I've also decided to track my new cooking adventures through different recipes.  I am certainly not the best cook, which is why I'm so lucky to have an Italian boyfriend who enjoys cooking more than anyone I know.  Granted most of these recipes will be from him, I'm also going to take a journey in cooking myself, and perhaps broaden my horizons and try new things!

I may not be the chef, But i'm certainly Alex's muse! I am always willing to come up with new ideas and meals for him to try,  and he's always up for the challenge.

Alex took the time out of his busy busy day to cook a special and scrumptious lunch for me, and he also decided to share the "how to's" on my blog! So, here it goes...


3 Chicken tenderloins              Olive Oil
Lettuce ( I use romaine, but    Balsamic Vinaigrette
it doesn't matter)                    Croutons (Rothbury
1 onion (red, sweet, yellow,      Farms are really
whatever you prefer)              good and
1 tomato                                 Really cheap)
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese   Cracked Black Pepper          
Lemon Pepper Seasoning (The McCormickGrinders are awesome and provide great flavor)

First, using a medium frying pan on medium heat, saute chicken in about 1 tbs Olive oil.  Apply lemon pepper seasoning allow chicken to cook.

While the chicken is cooking, cut and wash the romaine, dice the onion and slice the tomato.

When chicken is mostly cooked, cover the bottom of the pan with the vinaigrette and allow the chicken to finish cooking and the dressing to reduce.

When all of the above is complete, the cooking is done.  The following is how to prepare the salad with an appealing presentation:

Bunch the lettuce in the middle of the salad bowl
Add diced onion sparingly
Place sliced tomato around the perimeter of the lettuce
Sprinkle cheese generously around salad
Place cooked chicken on top of the salad
Apply desired amount of dressing and Croutons to the salad
We also decided to pair our meal with Crystal Light Peach Tea

So, try it yourself! Or... if you're as lucky as me you can have a handsome man cook it for you ;)
Next step: ENJOY!

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