Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When The Tough, Get's Tougher

It's exam week... AKA no sleep, no food, no friends, just your face in the books for hours at a time.  It seems this semester is literally going to be my worst as far as exams go.  We start exams on monday and in one week I have two presentations, and 5 final exams.  That's seven activities for those of who are less than adequate in the subject of math.  Seven activities in ONE school week (which again, incase you were wondering, is only 5 days)... it is just madness!  And to make matters worse Bowman, my handsome, sweet, cuddly, playful pups is sick and we've got NO idea what is wrong there, talk about a worried mother... ahem, this girl!  All I know is typically when i'm stressed, I have bowman to cheer me up at home, whether it be by cuddling, his relentless kisses, or his silly personality.  Well, he's not here so yeah... not good.

So, let's recap so far, I don't want to lose you: Professors cramming homework, quizzes, etc. into the week before exams.  Then exams accompanied by oh-so-fun presentations.  My dog is sick, and i'm in the library after midnight writing to complain about all of the above.
Stick with me here, I promise I do actually have a point!  Basically, what my next two weeks are going boil down to is STRESS STRESS STRESS.

Therefore, in an attempt to find a little light during this dark time I started reading about the 30-Day Bible study.  I wandered my way through the days and "BAM" day 24 could have literally jumped out of the screen and smacked me in the face. Rather than attempting to paraphrase what I read, in which case I doubt I would do it justice, here ya go:
When extracted from the earth, silver is intertwined with other minerals and trapped within various ores. It requires purification to be made unblemished and untarnished. Purifying silver is a process requiring intentional attention and concentration. The refiner must place the silver ore in the hottest part of the flame and keep an eye on it to know exactly when it's ready.  
Being a Christian doesn't guarantee that we escape the "fires" of life.  There are many trials and hard times we will inevitable go through.  Yet Malachi 3:3 says that God "will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver." This should be a comfort to us. God will watch us the entire time we're under stress and knows that everything we endure, in the end, is for our own benefit.
Next it says that God knows when we are ready to exit the flame, and "We leave the fire more refined, less blemished and with a brilliant shine, reflecting even more of His image".  Isn't it calming to hear that God already knows of the troubles we'll endure?  That he has a plan to bring us out of this "fire", this stress, only to bring us closer to being able to reflect His image?  See, if you thought I was simply going to whine about my week you were wrong (Alex is the only one who typically deals with my whining... well, Natalie too).  But, I told you I had a point!  So for everyone taking exams this week, or in one of the upcoming weeks, or anyone going through anything stressful, keep your head up.  It gets really really hard sometimes, but if God brings you to it, God will get you through it. 

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