Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Post-- {unspeakable joy}

Hi y'all! I'm ryann from {unspeakable joy}! Many thanks to Sasha for letting me watch over her blog while she is away!

I've always admired Sasha for her awesome taste in music. In fact, we have gone to a few concerts together, and of course, had a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures of us from our adventures... talk about blast from the past!

So pumped for Coldplay- Summer 2009

just viva-ing la vida, y'all

summer 2010- John Mayer and Train
nothing like a little mayer acoustic to get your heart beating fast!
As you can see, Sasha and I have had some great concert experiences the past few summers. There's nothing like making a playlist and rocking out as you run errands, sit out on the back porch, or hit the gym in the summer, agree? That being said, here is my rockin' summer playlist of a few of my favorite tracks!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for having me, Sasha! Don't forget to come pay me a visit on my little blog!

xoxo ryann

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  1. Hi to Sasha's readers, Ryann here! I've changed my URL since sending Sasha my post, so if you want to pay a visit, go to this address! Thanks for reading!