Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For the Love of Laguna

I know I do, and what an extreme blast from the past.  I've spent my entire morning {yeah, my entire morning} watching reruns of the old Laguna Beach on MTV.  It's amazing to see where these guys were then, compared to where they are now.  Not only does it have me completely reminiscing about the way that they used to be, but also where I was in my life when this show came out.

I see it now, all of my friends and I in what 2004 when the show came out? So, middle school/ high school age crowded in a friends living room gawking over these highly dramatic yet addicting shows. We absolutely loved it.  And the odd thing is, the drama isn't too far off. Boys, backstabbing, popularity, high school, prom, parties DRAMA.  I don't miss this, but it sure does take me back. The unfortunate thing about this is it's a right of passage. A stage of growth, and an age of change.  It's fun, painful, exciting, and necessary all at once.  You gain friends, lose friends, find love and lose love and come out of the other side with life long relationships and unbreakable bonds, a few good stories to tell and a lot of good memories.
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And if I'm being completely honest, I'd still move to Laguna, perhaps that's still the show obsessed teen in me.
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Were you a Laguna fan? If so, where does it place you down memory lane?

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