Monday, January 16, 2012

A little challenge

A little challenge never hurt anyone, right? Well, in this case I was undoubtedly assured that it could only help!  This past Sunday I attended Newspring with Abbie and Alex (which I  REALLY hope becomes a routine thing... "hint hint" you two).  As always I was captivated, convicted, and even entertained at what Perry Noble had to say.  We were challenged to start an ACTS 28-Day reading guide as of Sunday, and he confidently stated that if we did, our lives would be changed for the better.  

Someone wanted to learn about Jesus with me!

A part of the All In series, check it out here!

His "Sermon in a sentence" as he likes to call it, was to read the Bible, and do as it says. Sounds pretty simple huh? Well that's what I thought as well, so here it goes!  Since Sunday I have done exactly that, and I intend to complete the 28-Day reading guide despite what comes up at work, with friends, or in school.  It's the little successes at first, and the Bible is one big book to tackle in a short amount of time. So I figured you've got to start somewhere.  I certainly plan on taking some time to reflect and share what I learn with all of you, so hold on... It could be an interesting ride :)

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